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Meet Our Team


Dr Phillip Hartney

Senior Clinic Veterinarian (BVSc(Hons) MANZCS (Radiology))


Dr Phillip Hartney (Phil) graduated in 1981 obtaining an honours degree.  He later completed examinations in Veterinary Radiology to become a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

Dr Phillip Hartney's veterinary interests are surgery and radiology.  Outside of work Dr Phillip Hartney spends time watching film, exercising, gardening and spending time with family and friends.


Senior Vet Nurse (Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences)


Jess, an avid pet lover, joined us early 2018 and has proved invaluable.  Jess has a menagerie of pets with 3 dogs (Bella, Nikki and Teesha) and 4 cats (Emma, Lily, Patches and Simba).

Outside of work Jess plays lacrosse and enjoys going to the beach, camping, playing with her beloved pets and spending time with family and friends.  Jess also has done the odd sky dive - don't forget to pull the rip cord Jess!



Senior Vet Nurse


Michelle has been a veterinary nurse at the Avondale Heights Veterinary Hospital since 2004 and is the most senior nurse at the Avondale Heights Veterinary Hospital.  During this time she has helped many clients and saved many pets lives.   Michelle has a real soft spot for Staffies.


Outside of work she is a fabulous mum with 2 lovely children - Flynn and Grace.   She is a bit of a gym junkie, loving exercise, especially running.  It is good that she is a good runner as she needs to often chase after her happy energetic kids.  Maybe they will be good runners too!

Lucie Kantor

Veterinary Nurse


Lucie is our new trainee veterinary nurse having joined us in February 2019.   She is a welcome addition to the team and becoming more expert every day.  She loves her adopted Staffy girl called Dizzy (see photo) but also has 2 Guinea Pigs named Sally and Jemima.  

In her spare time she loves to do gardening, travel, hike and camp with her beloved dog Dizzy.   She is also an expert BMX rider and competes in Victorian Championships!  Go Lucie!


ICT Technician (Vet Nurse and IT graduate)


Denise is an IT professional keeping our computers purring away and virus free.  She also can fill in nursing as she has some 20 years experience at this also.

Denise has 2 children, Cara and Jason.  Hobbies include dining, film and family.

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